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Recommended cleaning supplies

(updated 10/10/12)

Whether you are cleaning your home yourself or hiring a service, you will need to have basic cleaning supplies. The following list will give you a general idea of items to have on hand. You don’t have to have everything, but it is a good idea to cover your bases. Tip: If you are pressed for storage space, store your cleaners in a milk crate under your kitchen sink. This will allow you to easily take them out and put them back.

__ vacuum cleaner with attachments
__ vacuum cleaner bags
__ wet mop/hardwood floor mop (Quickie Wet Mop with Microban, Bona hardwood floor mop systems, etc. Please no sponge mops!)
__ bucket
__ broom
__ dust pan
__ step stool
__ dusters (feather, lambswool, or Swiffer disposable dusters)
__ scrub pads (3M Scotch-Brite, S.O.S.)
__ sponges
__ garbage bags
__ rubber gloves
__ cleaning cloths
__ paper towels
__ toilet bowl brush
__ empty spray bottles (Zep brand professional sprayers) 

__ vinegar (Heinz distilled white)
__ dishwashing liquid (Ivory, Dawn) and/or dishwasher detergent
__ Murphy Oil Soap (for wood floors)
__ all-purpose/general cleaner (Fantastic, Formula 409)
__ bathroom spray cleaner (Tilex, Comet Spray)
__ bathroom cleanser (Soft Scrub)
__ toilet bowl cleaner
__ glass cleaner (Windex or vinegar and water)
__ stainless steel cleaner
__ furniture polish (Pledge, Endust)
__ oven cleaner (Easy Off)

__ Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 

laundry supplies:
__ liquid / powder laundry detergent
__ fabric softener dry sheets (Bounce)
__ liquid bleach (Clorox)

Substitutions may be made for the brand names listed above.

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