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How to verify that your cleaning company is actually insured

If you choose to hire a person or company to clean your home, take the 1-2 days it takes to request and receive proof of insurance. Why?  If you are a home owner, it is especially important that your investment is protected. If you are a renter, you still may be liable for damage caused by an uninsured worker.

Maid in Chicago carries both general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. We can provide proof of insurance for our customers with a turn around time of one business day.  Our insurance company will either fax or mail this one or two page document directly to our customers.

Companies that balk when asked for proof of insurance are probably not insured. Once you receive proof of insurance, verify that the policy is in force. Certificates of insurance are worthless if premiums aren’t paid. The time to find out if a company is properly insured is prior to hiring them, not after something is damaged.

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