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13 Fall Cleaning Ideas

Those lazy days of summer have passed us by, and many of us are thinking of doing a deep cleaning of our homes before winter arrives. For those of us who are completely overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin, try to be realistic. A home that has not been cleaned in awhile is going to require much more time to get back into shape than a home that is cleaned on a regular basis. You may want to focus exclusively on only one project.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.) Move couches, chairs, and other furniture from those hard to reach areas.  Wipe down your baseboards and vacuum where the furniture was.

2.) Clean the ceiling fans. (See our post Keep ceiling fans clean)

3.) Wash your windows.  (See our post How to clean windows)

4.) Clean the blinds. If you have a lot of blinds, you may want to hire a blind cleaning service to take care of this task.

5.) Clean the inside and outside of your refrigerator. Pull out your refrigerator and clean the coils. You can vacuum them using a crevice tool, or dust them with an extension duster.  Clean underneath your refrigerator too.

6.) Clean the stovetop, oven, and backsplash. Move the oven out from the wall and clean underneath.

7.) Declutter your home. Check out this great article by professional organizer Pooja Gugnani: We Are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy!

8.) Clean the grout in between your shower tiles. (See our post How to Clean Marble Grout)

9.) Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of all expired pharmaceuticals.

10.) Clean out your pantry and throw away any expired food.

11.) Wipe down the inside and outside of kitchen cabinets.

12.) Clean the inside of your closets including the shelving.

13.) Clean door frames, and doors on both sides.

Have we missed any fall cleaning projects? Let us know. Not feeling motivated to do your own cleaning? We can handle it. To schedule a cleaning or for a FREE quote, give us a call at (312) 829-9600. You can also visit Maid in Chicago’s website maidinchicago.us and fill out our online form.