Top 5 Tips to Prevent Mold in Showers

This is a follow-up to our post “How to Clean Marble Grout,” in which we interviewed Dan Lundstedt from Sir Grout. Dan is a wealth of information and kindly offered us all some more advice.

Dan: Prolonged moisture is the enemy in the shower. Here are my Top 5 Tips to Prevent Mold in Showers.

1. Turn on the bathroom fan while showering, and leave it on while you are getting ready.

2. After you are finished showering, leave the shower door open to let the steam escape.

3. For the best daily maintenance, squeegee or towel dry your shower after each use.

4. Learn from the pros in hotels. Consider installing a fan timer in your bathroom. They are great!

5. Wipe caulk lines and trouble areas with a mild bleach solution (1 part bleach to 5 or more parts water).

Maid in Chicago: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) actually recommends cleaning mold with a bleach solution of no more than a cup of bleach to a gallon of water. This is the equivalent of filling a 32 fl.oz spray bottle with water and 2 oz. of bleach.

Thanks again Dan for your great information.

If you need some professional grout and tile care, please contact Dan:

Dan Lundstedt
Owner – Sir Grout and Tile Care
work: (847) 597-8171
cell: (847) 909-4479

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