Why we use your cleaning supplies

When you hire a maid service, one thing to consider is whether they will bring cleaning supplies or not. Sometimes you will have a choice and other times you will not. Maid services that do team cleanings will likely bring their own supplies. Some companies will bring just the vacuum cleaner for an extra charge.

Generally speaking, a cleaning service will be more expensive if they bring supplies and equipment. All of the costs associated with supplies including purchase price, use, wear and tear, depreciation, packing, transport, etc. are passed along to to you. Parking is also a factor in busy Chicago where we are located. To keep costs down we usually require our clients to provide their own cleaning supplies for general cleanings. There are plus and minuses to this approach.

We sometimes hear from first time clients that they really don’t like the idea of maid services using rags, feather dusters, vacuums, toilet brushes, etc. that have been used in somebody elses home–even if they are properly cleaned and sterilized afterwards. I’ll be honest, I personally get grossed out by even my own feather duster in my home.

If you are the second, third, or fourth stop in the day of a company doing team cleaning, I personally wonder how sanitary the supplies may be.  It’s something to consider when choosing a cleaning company. When our company bring supplies for a cleaning (usually for a move-in/out or post construction cleaning) our supplies are specially packed for each customer’s home and they our brought right back to our office after use.

Most people tend to have their own brand preferences too, and more and more of our clients are turning to greener cleaners and methods. The down side is that it is up to you to keep your supply cupboard stocked with supplies.

Here is a list of cleaning supplies we recommend you have in your home.

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